What is Self Service Data Collection?

Self-Service Data Collection (SSDC) enables organisations to collect and ingest their own data into the Seer platform.

Self Service Data Collection (SSDC) is an Add On for organisations that have a premium subscription to the Seer Data & Analytics platform.


SSDC provides a way for organisations to collect data in a single place, whether by inviting Contributors outside your organisation to provide new data or by importing existing data you already have securely into the Seer platform.

See: Getting Started with Self Service Data Collection


Seer automatically ingests and stores any new data has been contributed or imported to an SSDC dataset overnight, in a way that makes it available for powerful analysis, visualisation and sharing in the Seer platform.


Once an SSDC dataset has been ingested, organisations and users that the dataset moderator has provided access to will be able to use the Seer Explore Data tool to explore, analyse and create Insights from the available data.


Insights built on top of data in the Analysis phase are inherently visual, and can be placed in Suitcases and on Dashboards (Coming Soon) to tell a vibrant story, accompanied by rich text, media and branding that forms a part of the whole data story and community context.


Sharing is built into every part of the Seer platform because we believe in the power of collaboration and shared understanding. You can share the raw data from your datasets to make it available to other users and organisations for analysis, with highly granular and flexible access controls to choose exactly what you would like to share (eg. only share data about a specific location). Suitcases and Insights are also designed to be shared with broader audiences, with sharing across organisations and users, but also sharing to your stakeholders enabled via public links and embeds.