Making use of Dashboard Insight Filters

Dashboard insight filters provide a powerful tool for the audience of your dashboards to dynamically transform the underlying data of your embedded Insights, allowing for the display of localised information that is of specific interest to the viewer with no need for direct interaction with the underlying dataset.

Creating Dashboard Insight Filters:

  1. Drag and drop a data filter content block onto your dashboard.
  2. Click on "Select Filter" to choose the variable you want to filter on. The list will display all the variables embedded in the insights on your dashboard.
  3. Select which categories you want to make available for users to select. It's important to note that these categories can include ones that are not already part of your insight. However, it's advisable to explore the data beforehand to ensure you don't pick options with missing data points if that is undesirable.
  4. Only insights that have the filter variable set will be updated with new data. The selected filters will apply to all insights on the dashboard.

Using Dashboard Insight Filters:

  1. Click on the filter you wish to apply.
  2. Select the specific options you want to make visible.
  3. Click "Apply" to update your view. You will then see insights with updated content based on your selections.

  4. To remove all selections and return to the default view, simply click "Reset."