How to use the Analysis tool

What is the Analysis Tool?

Analysis Tool is a powerful addition to our data analytics platform that helps you find the top/bottom items for a piece of data.

For example, by analysing one of the supported location-based variables, you can discover information about the areas you serve that stand out from other similar areas.. You can then use this information to make informed decisions, address any issues highlighted, and drive positive change in your community.

How to use the Analysis Tool?

  1. Ensure that the variables you want to analyse are present in your table columns. If needed, update the table structure before opening the Robot Analysis Tool.

  2. Choose whether you want to analyse the "Top" or "Bottom" items and specify the desired number.

  3. From the 3rd dropdown menu, select the variable you want to analyse. If you can't find your variable of interest in the dropdown, please close the Robot Analysis Tool and update your table structure accordingly.

  4. Click on the row number corresponding to the data you want to analyse in your table.

  5. Finally, click "Go" to generate an updated table based on your selection.