How do I import data from an Excel or CSV file?

Learn how to import Unit Record Level Excel or CSV data

To upload an Excel file to a Dataset:

  1. As a moderator, create a new Dataset you wish to upload the data to.
  2. Click Upload Data File in the Import Existing Data section.
  3. Click on Upload Files and pick the file you wish to upload.
  4. Go through each of the steps for uploading Unit Record Level data.
    1. Ensure you apply appropriate measures in the data privacy and cleaning steps before confirming the upload.
  5. Your uploaded data will be viewable in raw form on the dataset page and will be queued for ingestion to make it available for use in Explore Data.

More about unit record data

This data type is commonly used in the form of survey results, where each record represents a single person or response. The Seer platform Explore tool automatically aggregates this data based on the filters you select.