Tutorial 5: Comments, Attachments, Notifications, & Download

In this tutorial we'll show you tools that will help you and your colleagues collaborate on Seer. By the end of this tutorial, you will learn:

  1. How to add a comment and tag collaborators
  2. How to add an attachment
  3. Where to view your notifications
  4. How to download your Insights

Watch the video tutorial, or follow the step by step article below the video.

Before we start

To make the most out of this tutorial, be sure you have invited your colleagues to your organisation. You can do that from the "Members" tab under "Settings" and if you get stuck, you can refer to Tutorial 1 here.

Step 1: How to add a comment and tag collaborators

From either your Shared or Private Suitcase or Insights you can tag your collaborators and add comments about the information you have observed. Scroll to the bottom of the page on the platform to the "Comments" box. Add the "@" symbol and select either "Everyone" to notify all of your colleagues that you have invited to Seer, or select specific user names. You can also tag Seer Support if you need assistance. Your colleagues and collaborators will receive an email notification with a link to your comment, plus a notification flag will appear next time they log on to the platform.

Step 2: How to add an attachment

If you have a need to add additional information such as a PDF, presentation, image or document to your Private or Shared Suitcases, you can. Above the "Comments" section you will see the "Attach files" button. Select it and choose the file you wish to add from your device. You can add as many as you like. File sizes need to be less than 15MB. Select the icons next to the "Attach files" button to view as a list, two or three-columned tiles.

Step 3: Where to view your notifications

When a colleague has shared a Suitcase or added a comment that tags you or everyone in your organisation you will find this under "Notifications" on the top navigation panel. A red circle next to notifications will display the number of notifications you have that haven't yet been viewed.  You can navigate to the Suitcase or comment by clicking the specific Notification's blue hyperlink.

Step 4: How to download your Insights

If you wish to download a PNG file of an Insights chart to use in a document, email, report or similar, simply navigate to the "Actions" drop down and select "Download". The PNG file of your chart will be downloaded to your device for use, along with an excel file of the table of data displayed on the chart.

Now you are able to tag colleagues and partners to comments, attach files, view notifications and download your charts. You can go to "Tutorial 6: Storytelling dashboard" here and continue your "Getting Started on Seer" journey.