Tutorial 4: Sort & Calculate Tools

In this tutorial we'll show you how to adjust your tables within your Insights to best suit your needs. By the end of this tutorial, you will learn:

    1. How to Pivot your table
    2. How to Clear Rows
    3. How to sort columns and rows
    4. How to use the Calculate Tool
    5. How to add a variance, total or proportion to your table

    Watch the video tutorial, or follow the step by step article below the video.

    Before we start

    You will need an Insight to try these tools for yourself. To create your own Insight you can watch Tutorial 2 here.

    Step 1: How to Pivot your Table

    Once you have added your results to your Insight you may prefer to have your information presented differently. In this example, we have States and Territories presented as separate Rows labels and 2020 calendar year quarters as Column labels. Simply select "Pivot" at the top of your Results Table and these two labels will swap accordingly.

    Step 2: How to Clear Rows

    As you build your Table you may not be satisfied with the variables that you are working with. Simply select "Clear Rows" and adjust your query accordingly in the "Explore Data" section to the left. Once you are satisfied with your table select the "Add result to insight" button. Your table will be added to the section below. Scroll down to view.

    Step 3: How to sort columns and rows

    You may wish to sort information in your table's rows and columns differently. Select "Sort". In the pop up you can select "Column" or "Row". In "Column" you can select the column "Category" to sort from the drop-down. You can choose "High to Low" or "Low to High". In the "Row" tab you can select your "Table Name" from the drop-down if you have more than one table section in your Insight. If you have just one, select it. You can then choose from row "Category" drop-down and select either "Hight to Low" or "Low to High". Once you are satisfied you can "Save" or "Cancel" to retain the original format.

    Step 4: How to use the Calculate Tool

    You can calculate between various rows with the Calculate tool. From your table select "Calculate". The numbers of your rows will change from grey to red. If the row number is red you can use it for your calculation. Select your first row, your calculation type and your next row for your calculation. Once you are happy you can choose if you need a number or a percentage for your result. Once you have a valid calculation the "=" button will change to red. Click the "=" and you will see a new row added to your table with your calculation that you can name to suit. Please note: You need to use your cursor to activate this feature rather than your keyboard. To make the calculator tool disappear you need to click on the word "Calculate".

    Step 5: How to add a variance, total or proportion to your table

    You can use the Calculate tool for a variety of uses.

    To calculate a variance between Row 1 and Row 2 enter the following: ((Row1-Row2)/Row2) and select the "%" key and then the "=" key.

    To calculate a total add all rows together to get a total you need to select each row separately. (Row1+Row2+Row3+Row4+Row5+Row6+Row7) and select the "0.0" and then the "=" key in this example.

    To calculate a proportion or Row 1 as a total of Row 2 enter the following Row1/(Row1+Row2+etc) until all Rows in your Table section have been selected. Select the "%" key and then the "=" key.

    Please note: New calculated rows added to your table cannot be calculated to other rows on Seer.

    Now you are able to reformat your tables and create calculations for your Insights tables. You can go to "Tutorial 5: Comments, attachments, notifications and download" here and continue your "Getting Started on Seer" journey.

    Now you are able to create, name and save new Suitcases and Insights. You can go to "Tutorial 4: Sort and Calculate tools" here and continue your "Getting Started on Seer" journey.