Tutorial 2: Pre-packed Suitcases, Duplicate, Edit and Share

In this tutorial we'll show you the Pre-packed Suitcases area and how to duplicate, edit and share Insights. By the end of this tutorial, you will learn:

  1. How to navigate to the Pre-packed Suitcase area
  2. How to duplicate these Suitcases
  3. How to edit selected Insights to better suit your needs
  4. How to save and name your Insight
  5. How to share your Insights

Watch the video tutorial, or follow the step by step article below the video.


Before we start

What is a Suitcase on Seer? A Suitcase is a folder on the platform that holds Insights. There are three types of Suitcases. Suitcase was a name created by one of Seer's early customers who said - "I need to pack the right Suitcase for my data journey."

Pre-packed Suitcases: These Suitcases are pre-created for you by the Seer team and will automatically be added to your environment when you first login. They are building block Suitcases of Insights, designed to help your organisation get started finding meaningful Insights quickly. These Suitcases can be duplicated and edited to suit your location or area of interest or and shared with your colleagues.

Shared Suitcases: These Suitcases are those that have either been shared with you by a colleague or a partner organisation. It is also where you will find your Suitcases after you have shared them with your colleague(s) or partners.

Private Suitcases: These Suitcases allow you to build Suitcases of Insights privately. They are only visible to you until you are ready to share with others. Insights that have not been allocated to a Private or other Suitcase will appear in your Draft Insights Suitcase at the top of this section until you move them.

Step 1: How to navigate to the Pre-packed Suitcase area

When you log on to the platform you will be taken to your "Shared Suitcase" area after your second log on. Simply head to the "Pre-packed Suitcase" tab to find your Pre-packed Suitcases.

Step 2: How to duplicate these Suitcases

Select the Pre-packed Suitcase you would like to "Duplicate" and open it. In the top right select "Actions". A drop down will appear with the option to "Duplicate" or "Print", select "Duplicate." A copy of the Suitcase will now be moved to your "Private Suitcase" area with "Copy of" appended to the Suitcases title.

Step 3: How to edit selected Insights to better suit your needs

Now select an Insight you wish to edit. Select the red "Edit Insight" button. You will be taken to the "Explore Data" area with the building blocks of the Insight you're going to edit pre-populated. In this example, we are going to edit the "Where" section to change the locations of interest of the Insight. Once you are satisfied with your adjustments select the "Add Result to Insights" button. A new table will be added to the original Insight. Select "Untitled Insight" and rename it to your needs. You can delete the existing rows above your new Insight you don't wish to keep by selecting the delete icon on the right of each row.

Step 4: How to save and name your Insight

Once satisfied with your results select the red "Save Insight" button. You can rename your Insight within the purple header and "Edit Description" to provide additional context to your work. Please note that Suitcases order Insights alphanumerically. You may wish to add numbering such as 1.0 1.1 etc as a prefix to your work so your Insights are ordered most logically.

Step 5: How to share your Insights

Once you've finished editing the Suitcase you can now share. Select the title of your Suitcase to be taken to the top of your folder. By entering the "Share" option you will be able to decide how and with whom you wish to share your Suitcase.

To share publicly to people beyond your organisation select the drop-down to the right of the "Anyone with the link". Select "Can View". A link will appear that can be shared with anyone. Users without a Seer account will be able to view your Suitcase and its Insights but will not be able to edit.

To provide access to all, or some of your organisation select the "Expand Orgs" button. You will see all users associated to your organisation and choose to provide "No Access" "Full Access" or "Read Only" access by user. When providing "Full Access" or "Read Only" Access, your Suitcase will appear in your colleagues "Shared Suitcase" area and they will receive a notification with a link to your Suitcase in the "Notifications" navigation option next time they log on to Seer.

Now you are able to duplicate, edit and share Insights from Pre-packed Suitcases to better suit your areas of interest. You can go to "Tutorial 3: Create a Suitcase and an Insight" here and continue your "Getting Started on Seer" journey.