Modifying data as a Moderator

This section details how to enter data against Data Tables directly as a Dataset Moderator.

As a moderator you have direct access to the raw data for your Dataset.

To edit the raw data:

  1. Navigate to a Dataset Template, find the table you wish to edit the data for in the Tables section and click on the Edit Data button.
  2. Edit the data cells as you see fit (note that summed totals cells will be greyed out and not editable, these are automatically determined once the corresponding data points are filled out).
  3. Your unsaved cell changes will appear highlighted. Hit the Save button to save your changes.

It is also possible to copy cells from Excel spreadsheets and paste them into the data entry page:

  1. In Excel make a selection of cells you wish to copy and copy them to your clipboard.
  2. Back on the Data entry page on the Seer platform, click on the cell that corresponds to the top left cell of your Excel selection. Then paste your clipboard and the data will be populated.