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How do I share my Insights?

From your Suitcase there are different ways to share your Insights.

The Suitcase must be owned by you in order for you to share the Insights within it with others. There are three ways to share your Insights:

  1. From the Suitcase, use the Share button to share your Suitcase via Anyone with the link (this creates a public link), or use Manage access (this allows you to invite others to your Suitcase with Full Access or Read Only access).

  2. From the Suitcase, under Actions, you can Manage Access (invite others to your Suitcase). Any member of your Organisation with whom you have shared your Suitcase will be able to view or have full access to edit Insights within that Suitcase.

  3. From the Insight, under Actions, you can download your Insight which will export the data in both an excel and image format to insert into reports, presentations or emails. 

Once you have created an Insight, you may like to use Comments to either leave a note for yourself or pose a question for someone else you are collaborating with (in your Shared Suitcase). Comments can be made on Insights and Suitcases.

Easy Data Sharing is a core value promise for Seer customers. In this quick video, you’ll learn how you can share your Suitcase of Insights with anyone, whether are they are existing Seer user or an external contact you want to collaborate with or report to. 

Watch the Tutorial video: How to Share a Suitcase via Public Link or Invite