How do I share my dataset with an individual?

After creating a Dataset, you are able to give access to members from you own organisation or partner organisations.

  1. On the Dataset page, select the Dataset Access tab.
  2. Click “Add Member ➕ ” to give one individual access to your Dataset.
  3. Select a member from the dropdown list and set an access limit if desired.
  4. Select variables that you would like to set access limits on.
    Please note: Members will have full access to the Datasets data if no variables are selected.
  5. Select categories for each variable that will be accessible.
    Please note: Members will have no access to a variable if no categories are selected for it. This is the way to restrict access to a variable.
  6. Click “Add ➕ ” to finish adding the members dataset access.

How do I update or delete Dataset Access for an individual?

On the Dataset Access tab, simply click on the Edit action for the respective individual. Here you can make modifications in the same way we created them above and click Update to finish up. Or click Delete to remove the members access.