How do I collaborate and track actions on my dashboard?

Seer dashboards support the interpretation of Insights and progress tracking of a project or endeavour through the collaborate feature, available from the preview page of a Dashboard.

Collaborate feature facilitates conversations where stakeholders are able to express their unique perspective of the context and meaning behind the data presented, enabling informed decision-making. Actions taken in pursuit of community goals can also be recorded, edited and reviewed after completion to monitor effectiveness.


Conversations Tab

  • Space to leave questions, statements or observations in the form of a text comment by typing in the input field and clicking the arrow to post comment.

  • Click Reply on an existing comment to start a thread and leave a response.

  • Tag others in the comment by typing the @ key and then selecting the name of a member you wish to tag.

  • Archive comments that are no longer relevant by clicking on the tick icon on the top right.


Actions Tab

  • It is possible to associate an action with a particular portion of the dashboard by clicking 'Select Content' and hovering over and selecting an area on the dashboard.

  • Record a target outcome using the input field provided when creating or editing an action.
  • Set a Review Date for an action by selecting the calendar icon or typing in a date manually when creating or editing an action.






  • Add contributors to an action by clicking on the plus icon next to avatar(s) on the action card.







  • Switch the view to access a historical log of completed actions by clicking on the 'Completed' button.