Getting started with Seer

This short series of 4 video tutorials will show you how to use the Seer platform for the first time, or for those seeking a refresh

Welcome to Seer Data & Analytics. We're pleased to have you join our community of users across 100s of locations all over Australia. We welcome you to watch the following four short video tutorials so you're empowered to turn data into action for your community or domain.


Tutorial 1: Your Personalised Home Page

 In this short tutorial, you'll be familiarised with your personalised Home Page on Seer.



Tutorial 2: How to Create an Insight

Seer Data & Analytics consolidates major National and State-based datasets in one location so you can build Insights about your domain or community to guide policy change, develop an evidence base, provide situational context for sense-making or add to your grant applications.


Tutorial 3: Suitcases, storytelling dashboards and sharing your work

In this tutorial, we'll show you the Suitcase (folder) feature and how you can create a powerful multi-media storytelling dashboard in your own branding to add story to your insights. We'll also show you how to share your reports internally and as an accessible link externally for stakeholders, your website or via social media.


Tutorial 4: Update details, invite colleagues and partner organisations

 In the final tutorial of the Getting Started series, we'll show you how to update your account details, invite colleagues to collaborate and how partnerships are enabled through Seer.


Thank you for watching our Getting Started series. We hope we've helped you on your way with your data journey.

Get in touch with us at any time if you would like to learn more about how we can support your work in community, or your domain of interest.

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