Embedding Insights with the Insight Tool

The Insight Tool allows you to embed an Insight within your Dashboard.

To embed an Insight:

  1. Drag an Insight block onto your Dashboard canvas.
  2. In the block configuration section click on Pick Insight.
  3. Use the searchable dropdown to find and select the Insight you wish to embed.

Other important Insight block configuration properties:

  • Block Height
    • This property allows you to set the height of the embed Insight (in pixels). Update this to a value that suits. If the Insight content is larger than the height, a scrollbar will appear so you may wish to tweak this till you are happy with the look.
  • Charts Per Row
    • This property is useful for Insights that have multiple charts and allows you to set the number of charts to display in each row of content.
  • Hide Chart Legend
    • This property can be toggled to show or hide the Insight legend as part of the content.


Note that if an Insight that is not in a Suitcase that is publicly shared is embedded in a Dashboard it will not be visible outside of the platform or to members that do not have access to the Insight if the Dashboard is shared as a public link.

To allow it to be publicly visible you must share the Suitcase it is contained in publicly then edit the Dashboard and re-add the Insight which will force the link to update to the public version.